Services Offered

  1. Life Coaching

  2. Goal directed and solution focused work for what you want to accomplish.

     2. Fitness/Athletic training (Grapevine/Euless)

  • Email for more information. Must RSVP.

     3. Distance Coaching/Plans

  • Email and explore "products/plans" section of website for more information.

    4. Public Speaking/Podcasts/Radio/Misc.

  • Email with business inquires.

  • Typically $50 an hour



1. Provide an avenue for me (Christopher Missimo) to assist ALL through therapy, life coaching, and fitness/athletics.

2. Although the business is open to working with all, Missimo Motivation and it’s future is geared towards providing special services to Athletes and Gamers. The professional partners of Missimo Motivation were created so that we can facilitate almost any need of these populations mentally and physically.

3. To build a COMMUNITY of motivation and encouragement. I want to create a community of  people that are hungry for success and who seek to inspire those around them to do the same!

My Mission

To serve you through a personalized medium that fits with your specific wellness goals. No gimmicks or fads. No one size fits all mentality. Each client’s needs are assessed, and they are equipped with the tools they need to make positive change. I strive to fulfill those mental health or physical needs through the medium that fits most. First and foremost, I am a therapist. However, the connection between mind and body is paramount to overall health, which is why I dive into the physical aspect in addition to the mental aspect. Whether that is through therapy at my private practice, life coaching, or physical training, I seek to provide you with the assistance you need. While the specialty of Missimo Motivation is athletes & gamers, all are welcomed.


My name is Christopher Missimo. My story begins during my childhood years when I was diagnosed with ADHD, Bi-Polar, Conduct Disorder, and Oppositional Defiance Disorder. The summarized version includes 10 years of therapy between ages 5-15, 13 years of medication (at one time over 10 pills per day) between ages 5-18, and multiple inpatient hospital stays between ages 5-11. The longest hospital stay was 3 months in an institution in Austin, Texas. This hospital hosted children and adolescents with severe mental illness. For example, my roommate was a positive schizophrenic, meaning he had vivid hallucinations, of which I would rather not describe here. During this time, the state of Texas was also attempting to take me away from my mother who was a single parent of 2 boys. They failed in this attempt, due in large part to a team of mental health experts that fought on my behalf. Back then I was not expected to attend college, hold a successful job, or engage in a healthy intimate relationship. I went on to obtain my degree in Psychology with a minor in Rhetoric and Argumentation from Baylor University a year early with a major GPA of 3.95 and a minor GPA of 4.0, followed by a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Sam Houston State where I also graduated a year early with a GPA of 4.0. Unfortunately, those degrees came at a cost. While I did receive scholarships for both, it was never enough to cover everything entailed. Without financial support from my immediate family, I had to supplement my income with additional loans.  While the awards and achievements I have received are beyond the scope of this summary, I think it's important to note that I have accomplished much more than anyone imagined. I am currently a therapist/marketing director for my private practice and I'm seeking admittance into some of the most competitive doctoral programs in the field of Counseling Psychology. My future goals include continuing work in private practice, specializing and advocating for athlete mental health and performance, teaching undergraduate psychology as an adjunct professor, and working to give back to others.

My research interests include male help-seeking behaviors, intimate partner violence, resiliency, the negative impacts of social media, entitlement, etc. I try to gear my research both towards general and to athletic populations. I am especially interested in the formation of effective preventative measures aimed at concerns surrounding the student-athlete population. It is my dream to create a preventative mental health system for student-athletes at both the high school and collegiate level. Having the opportunity to get a step ahead of these issues (anger, self-esteem, intimate partner violence, anxiety, depression, etc) may allow us to mitigate these and other potentially harmful behaviors, thus having and impact on the overall health and quality of life of those affected. 

I current specialize in working with athletes, anger, and relationships for adolescents and young adults. However, I do see ages 8 and up with a variety of concerns across the board. Furthermore, it is my hope that my research and clinical interests will overlap, allowing me to address areas of concern I am interested in beyond a clinical setting.

Awards & Presentations/research


  1. Association for Assessment and Research in Counseling (AARC) “Exemplary Research and Practice Award” for Master’s Level students.     

  2. Presented on Professional Identity Development and Assessment of Student Development at the 2015 conference of the Association of Assessment and Research in Counseling (AARC) with Dr. La Guardia.

  3. Recipient of the Chi Sigma Iota Clinical Mental Health Counseling Award

  4. Recipient of the Outstanding Clinical Mental Health Counseling Award. 

  5. Beneficiary of the President’s Gavel for outstanding leadership as president of the Beta Kappa Tau chapter of Chi Sigma Iota national counseling honor society.

  6. Ft. Worth Magazine's "Mom Approved" Clinician in the November 2018 issue. 

  7. Voyage Dallas most “Inspiring Stories” October 2018.                                                                


  • "#HealthyLiving: Social Media Comparisons among College Students." Poster submitted to the American Psychological Association, Washington, DC. (2017). Schiafo, M., Henderson, C., Falgout, R., Goodson, A., Smith, T., Barrow, C., Waymire, K., & Missimo, C.

  • Don’t drink and exercise: New research on exercise and alcohol use among college students." Symposium presented at the Annual Meeting of the Texas Psychological Association, Austin, TX. Henderson, C. E., Yenne, E., Sledd, M., Schiafo, M., Mena, C., Figueroa, M., Missimo, C., Goodson, A., & Langemeier, D. (2016, November). "

  • “Correlation of Narcissism, Dogmatism, and the Big Five Inventory: How to handle the new generations’ narcissistic culture” Missimo, C.D., Haggard, M.C., & Rowatt, W., (2014, March)

  • “Changes in Global Health Throughout the Internship Application Process in a Professional Psychology Population” Manning., J, Henderson, C. E., Missimo, C.D.