Cam F. Awesome - Olympic Boxer

"My name is Cam F Awesome and I'm the #1 heavyweight boxer in the country, multiple time national champion, and public speaker. I went through my career struggling with constant internal battles. I'm sure I would have excelled further as an athlete if I were to have a program like this. I believe this is an overlooked aspect of the sports world. If a sport like boxing is known to be 97% mental, why aren't we working on our mental more than we work on cardio? I love what Chris is doing and he has my total support!"

For more information on Cam Awesome, check out his website on the link below.



Terrance Ganaway

-Drafted in the 2012 draft by the New York Jets in the 6th round.

-Also played for the St. Louis Rams

-All-time single season leader in yards rushed for Baylor University



-"Chris is a unique individual that works to perfect each of his crafts. With his holistic approach to fitness from body, mind, and spirit, he has already had massive impacts on his clients and peers. It's personal to him and the way he influences others will change lives. His passion and discipline will change the world in regards to how he athletes approach the game. I've heard it before that the game is 80% mental and 20% physical. And playing on all levels of football, I am convinced this theory holds true. Why sin't sports psychology growing more and more? Athletes are at a severe disadvantage to become consumed by the game when there isn't proper mental coaching. That's where I can see Chris changing the game. Unlocking the mental beast inside and discovering greatness is a differentiation in our world. Invest time to get to know Chris and it will pay dividends as you discover your true raw ability."



Kestahn Moore (Florida Gators National Champion)

"Chris and I starting working together last year (2017), after he explained he was an athletic therapist. A physiologist for student-athletes that wanted to help develop student-athletes mentally first, instead of physically; made sense to me, though I never thought about it in depth. I played sports competitively from the age of six until my early twenties. I was decent enough to get my tuition paid for in college with a couple National Championships that I added to my back pocket. After college, I played at the highest level in my specific sport. Therefore, I know the stresses, the anxiety, and the emotional roller coaster that happens during a student-athlete’s career. Coming from an athletic background, I was intrigued with his philosophy on helping studentathletes through mental development. Mr. Missimo in our first conversation impressed me, not specifically on what he is determined to do for the studentathletic population; moreover, how he is planning to accomplish his goal. With the passion and excitement he brings to helping student- athletes development through their mental capacity I can think of no other qualified individual than Chris. His story alone shows his qualifications, his determination and his A+ rating as a success story of his own program."

-Kestahn Moore , Pro-Athlete , Speaker (2018)




As a competitive figure skater, both nationally and internationally, for over 18 years, I understand what it’s like to wake up everyday with purpose, drive, and determination. But I also know what it’s like to wake up unsure, full of doubt, feeling isolated and alone. The pressures that come with being an athlete are unlike any other I’ve experienced in my life. I often wondered why people, who are so quick to offer praise when there is success, are unwilling to offer support when there isn’t. I was told time and time again, that I was mentally tough, that whatever it was that I was experiencing would pass because I was “strong.” It was as if my status as an athlete overshadowed the slightest possibility that I could be suffering mentally and physically. If only there was someone to advocate for my mental health as an athlete, someone who was passionate about improving the lives of those who are involved in sports, someone like Chris Missimo.

From the moment I met Chris, I knew he was someone special. He has overcome adversity time and time again, persevering through setbacks, hurdles, and failures. He is the definition of true grit. He is a passionate advocate for athlete mental health, an area that is often overshadowed and not given the consideration that it so deserves. He is genuine in all that he does, going above and beyond to help improve the lives of those who seek his counsel. He has done and will continue to do great things, and I am honored to know him.

-Ashley Taylor

Member of the Uzbekistan national figure skating team, figure skater for 18 years.


other joe.jpg

Joe Lopez (Other Joe from the Angry Joe Show)

"What I like most about Chris is his passion, drive and his willingness to help others. With his program you can definitely see that carry over. He's charting into a new territory with going beyond assisting athletes physically and mentally. He's helping gamers too, which I feel could be overlooked at times. I believe he could aid gamers with their health since I know we sometimes get too caught up with everything around us. It sometimes causes us to neglect ourselves."

Big thanks to Joe for discussing some of the unique challenges and stress factors that streamers and gamers face to create content for their audiences. It's not all fun and games. Literally and figuratively. Check out their YouTube channel on the link below.



Pastor David Thompson

“Chris puts more time and energy into making sure his clients succeed than anyone I know. His heart to serve others is unparalleled and his depth of knowledge makes him a top expert in his field.”

-Executive Pastor at Gateway Church



Katie C. - Lost 90 pounds!

One of the most incredible people I've ever met. Katie worked incredible hard to be the best version of herself in all areas - mind, body, and spirit.


Sarah - Lost 20 pounds!

“Considering training with Chris? Well you should! His simple, easy to follow training and nutritional programs really work. He is honest and pushes you to achieve your goals. I am happy I took the step to change my health and lifestyle. I have never felt as confident in my skin as I do now!”


David G. - Lost over 50 pounds!

"I enlisted Mr. Missimo for his help with weight loss and physical training in February of last year. With his tutelage and professionalism displayed over a dozen sessions, I used his program that he designed to my full benefit, causing me to lose over 50+ pounds, gain muscle mass, strength, and definition. He talks the talk and walks the walk in a industry filled with snake oil salesmen. Hire Missimo Motivation if you actually want results and don't want to feel ripped off after a 30 minute session with a "trainer" who tires you out, but doesn't help you get anywhere."

Kane Progress Pic.jpg

Kane C. - Gained almost 20 pounds!

"Chris taught me a fitness lifestyle that I can follow for the rest of my life all it takes is a little dedication and the discipline to follow the plan he lays out for you. I really recommend taking a look at his page and contacting him if you want to trim down, bulk up, or just want to healthy diet to follow. I have been following his plan for more than a year now and have gone from 135 pounds to 152 pounds of lean muscle, six pack included."


Kane C.


Christopher Missimo

Missimo Motivation Founder

I just started working with Chris a month ago and I have been so impressed by his willingness to work with me. I am a full time student athlete with a part-time job and I always figured it would be too difficult to add a workout schedule in. Chris proved me wrong. I have never been one to start a commitment, like changing a lifestyle, without knowing how every step works within the process. Chris is readily accessible to answer any questions I may have. I will continue to work with Chris even after I reach my goals just so that I can maintain my healthy lifestyle. He is very knowledgeable and is someone I would recommend him to anyone whether they be beginner, intermediate, or advanced within the healthy lifestyle.
— Ashlee Montgomery
There is so much to say about Chris, from his passion to lifting and his clear desire to become an incredible industry leader in the psychology field. There isn’t a part of Chris’ life that I don’t admire. He goes above and beyond what it means to be a hard working man. He goes out of his way for the people he cares for, but he still spends enough time of self improvement and encourages others to do the same. I’ve been working in the gym with Chris for several months now, and I cannot begin to say how amazing it is to work with him side by side and grow physically and mentally. He has that positive glow about him that attracts so many people to him. His personality is very personal, and he allows his past to inspire him into a compelling future. I am glad I’ve been able to meet a genuine guy that pushes me in all aspects of my life. If you can work with Chris, you won’t regret it. You’ll leave a better person either physically or mentally. He leaves that kind of impression with the people he interacts with. I can’t recommend him enough as a trainer, mentor, therapist or friend.
— Cody Soto
Chris Missimo helped me change my life. Before working with Chris I had been working out regularly but had no idea what to do to see the results I wanted. Chris helped me personalize my workouts, helped me with my eating habits and motivated me every step of the way. If you’re looking to change your life and get in a healthy lifestyle, Chris is your guy!
— Ashton Steele
“What separates him from the rest is the authenticity, the truthfulness, and the leadership and confidence he exudes. I have never met a man more dedicated to helping people reach their goals physically and mentally.”
— Anthony Poore
I’m not really one to leave reviews on things, but from knowing Chris and working out with him about 3 to 4 times a week, I can honestly say this guy takes great care in what/whom he invests his time in. If you are looking to change your lifestyle in any way (ie. physical, mental, emotional), this guy is the person to go to. You most certainly won’t be let down!
— Schlogan Paulmann
Chris is an amazing trainer! He has helped me this past year lose over 40+ and pack on some muscle. Also, helping me gain knowledge on how to be lean and eat healthier. Because it’s not about dieting but learning and understanding what you are eating.
— Rodrigo Torres
Chris is a great trainer, very motivational and knowledgeable. Workouts are always varied and never boring and designed to push you but not break you. Highly recommend.
— Trevor Muret


“I never thought I would need a life coach. Most people don’t think they do. However, having Chris as a life coach and trainer has changed my life for the better. I started my journey with Missimo Motivation for weight loss training. Chris approaches training with realistic programs and pushes you to understand that there are no short cuts when it comes to fitness and health! After 2 years of training with Chris. I began life coaching sessions. Life gets hard sometimes, for even the happiest of people. We all can use professional advice on how to move forward and get through those tough moments. Missimo Motivation life coaching can work for absolutely anyone. I lived 1700 miles away and was able to be coached to a better life. Chris opens the doors for you to explore your own mind, dreams, passions and emotions. It is never forced and is a easy as having a genuine conversation with a good friend. Don’t wait to change your life, I am glad I made the somewhat scary decision to begin on a path to a fuller, more balanced life. Today could be the start of the better you!”
— Katie Coyne - Life Coaching (2017-2018)