How Do I Get Started?

The easiest way right now is to email owner Christopher Missimo at with the services of interest.

What If I Want Merch?

Right now I do not have a traditional online store. This will be coming in the near future. For now, email me at for items you’d like to receive.

What Specific Services Do You Offer?

  1. Life Coaching/Mentoring - future and solution focused work. Not intended to be psychotherapy. It is goal-oriented and similar to a mentor relationship.

  2. In person physical coaching (individual OR group) - strength and conditioning for athletes and bodybuilding training for others. NO powerlifting or crossfit training.

  3. Online/Distance Coaching - monthly plans for individuals that want to be more independent, are too far away for in person training, or want to save money in the long run.

  4. Speaking Engagements - radio, podcast, YouTube, etc.

The mission of Missimo Motivation is to bring mental and physical services together AS ONE. While the business is open to anyone seeking services, the mission to is bring these services to athletes and gamers & Esports athletes, both of which are neglected populations in these spaces. I want to show that mind and body are one and that nobody is beyond health.

What Is Your Business Mission?

  1. I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)

  2. NCC - Nationally Certified Counselor

  3. Strength & Conditioning Coach - MAPS Academy Partnership

  4. Research background in Health/Exercise Psychology & Social Psychology

  5. Founder of RAMP Psychological Model

  6. Sponsored Bodybuilder - Formerly with other companies, but currently with Betancourt Nutrition

  7. National Award Recipient from the Association of Assessment and Research and Counseling - Exemplary Research and Practice Award

  8. DFW Mom-Approved therapist in 2018 and 2019

  9. Top student award out of graduate school

What Qualifies You?